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Concept and Logo Design for Gin brand

My client wanted to create a logo concept for a new gin brand. They had a possible name, but they were not convinced with it, so this time, in addition to the brand design, I also had to find a possible name.

After some time researching about this liquor, I found out that "Nebral" is a term that only exists in Spanish and refers to the place where juniper trees abound, origin of the berry that is used to make gin.

With this design we wanted to convey that, being a spirit (liquor), the fruit that emanates from Mother Nature is what gives shape and flavor to this gin. So I ended up designing the face of a woman inside the tree that gives us the juniper berry, also known as "nebrina". She is looking up, where the nebrina is placed.

With typography, we wanted to reinforce the nebrina design by placing it back inside the "B". This way, in case we can only place the name, there is a reference to the designed image of our mother tree.